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For information contact Red Oak Ranch at 325-748-3088. Or email us at And visit our Facebook page at

I want to thank Jimmy Mitchell (owner) and Gene Curry, my guide. I had a great time at the Red Oak Ranch for my three day bowhunt. I saw lots of deer, some really big bucks as well as some good young ones that look like they will be trophies in a few years.

I killed a trophy buck on my second day, a 10 point that scored 174, my best buck ever.

During my stay I shot skeet for the first time. What a blast that is if you have never done it you need to try it if you go to the Red Oak Ranch.

The food was good and the guest room I stayed in was great. I really felt at home there. These guys were fun to be with.

Again thanks a lot for a great time and hunt. I hope I can make it back down there again soon.

Many Thanks,


My name is Brownie, I love to bowhunt, and I enjoy the outdoors and love the Red Oak Ranch. I killed a management buck on my first hunt and last year got a trophy buck that scored 178. I was excited, it was my biggest buck so far.

I only bowhunt so I like their ground blinds a lot, they are big and can easily hold two people. They are setup so that your shot will be around 20 yards. The blinds are set with camo netting on the windows so I used fixed broadheads and the netting doesn’t bother the arrow flight at all.

I just want to thank Jimmy and Gene for all the great times I’ve had at the ranch.

Thanks again,


The Red Oak Ranch is a great place to hunt. I’ve been there a couple of times hunting and been successful both times. Jimmy and Gene are great guys and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. The food was great, not fancy, but good home cooking. We did eat out one night and it was a great restaurant with good food.

Red Oak Ranch has intensely managed the property for trophy bucks and they definitely have trophy bucks there. Gene did all the skinning and caping and I was impressed with how quickly he got the job done. It was very relaxing place to be. I had a great time and will be back again.

God Bless,



Please specify your preferred harvest when making your inquiry. All questions regarding the details of our deer and hunts are welcome when you call.

For information contact Red Oak Ranch at 325-748-3088. Or email us at And visit our Facebook page at

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